about us

Have you ever been pressured to utilize your functionality? With a single click? We have proven that if you can automate scalable reconfigurability through blockchain technology then you can expedite ultra-transparency. In layman terms, imagine a combination of seamless security and accessibility throughout your entire enterprise. With our revolutionary technology, we here at Scorpio ID are firm believers the capacity to scale transparently leads to the power to cultivate virtually.

Todd Bonzalez
Chief Executive Officer

Todd has bridged the gap between innovation and development since 2004 in Claifornia, LA. He’s a strong believer that good design begins with good security, and that user experience and accessibility are paramount to success.

Anatoli Smorin
Chief Financial Officer

Anatoli has worked with a wide range of clients spanning from small companies to some of the largest in the tech industry. Always up for a challenge, Anatoli is never afraid to dive into new projects.

Portia Small
Executive Personal Assisstant

With over a decade of experience in Human Resources, Portia's compassion for people and skills are invaluable. She especially enjoys the challenge of harboring connections in the digital world.

Glenallen Mixon
Sales Director

With over twenty years industry experience, Glenallen is an essential member of this team. As sales director, he’s responsible for sales of official Scorpio ID products.

Bobson Dugnutt
Systems Administrator

As a systems administrator with experience in networking, Bobson puts a laser focus on security and sustainability when managing our digital assests. His strong commitment to function over form, has helped keep the company afloat digitally.