Sunglass Sizing Guide

Lafont, a corporation and culture which commenced in France inside the 1930’s, embodies the same middle principles now as it did manner once more then: remarkable craftsmanship and undying appealing design with the spirit and heart of Paris. Lafont eyeglasses and sun shades, all home made in Paris France are in truth works of art work. The specific designs comprising a variety of coloration combos, styles, textures, and materials are in reality like no exceptional, each radiating with character.

The design and craftsmanship and even the essence of the emblem may be amazing be described, and as they time period it, “all the time Paris”.

Lafont writes in regard to Paris: “a regular supply of idea, a manner of residing, a city deeply associated with our identification… Architecture, art gallery, museum, going out, experience the town, Paris is a consistent source of concept for more than 30 years”.

Since its beginning Lafont has deservingly earned endless prescription cat eye sunglasses editorial reward and has generally graced the pages of magazines along with Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, 20/20, Monsieur, just to name some.

Some of our favourite Lafont eyeglasses this season and ones you need to ensure to check out, would ought to be: the Lafont Celimene, part of the Lafont Reedition series, with it’s miles cat-eye shape gives off a diffused 50’s unfashionable vibe. Lafont Symbole eyeglasses, part of the Issy & LA collection, is a traditional body form that lets the color do all of the talking. Available in the woman havana stripe with aqua blue, and additionally the bold leopard print with black. Lastly, the Lafont Burlesque eyeglasses, part of the Paris collection, is a fab unfashionable styled body imparting their signature trademark leopard print.

Some favorites from the Lafont shades collection consist of the Lafont Bolero and Jamique, which function a diffused snake pores and skin print that glints due to the fact the moderate hits it, growing an ultra sublime appearance.

The Lafont Legacy maintains with collections which can be actually precise and upsetting, full of the craftsmanship and coronary heart of Paris.